The Park is situated in the city of Hyderabad, becomes an ideal site for being developed into a nature education center. It also has facilities like an Environmental Education Centre, with an Interpretation center, an auditorium, a library, a self-guided nature trail, etc. Proper facilities are available in the area to impart environmental education. The park therefore has vast potential for becoming an important nature education center. But there are certain problems like lack of sufficiently skilled and motivated staff to handle nature camps.

The Forest Department is organizing “nature camps”, which are nature awareness and education programs for school children from city and rural areas covering both Government and Private schools. Each of these camps has participation of around 40 to 50 students. The camp is of one day duration from 10 A.M to 3 P.M. On an average 80 to 100 such camps are being organized in a year and the demand for more such camps is increasing day by day. In these nature camps students are taken into the forest for a “nature trial” and they will be explained regarding Flora, Fauna and Bio-diversity existing in the park and the students are asked to experience them personally and physically these things. The students will be also shown various Film shows in the auditorium on wildlife and on the K.B.R.National Park and other National Parks and sanctuaries in India. The students will also be taught on various issues like global warming, ozone layer depletion and extinction of valuable species of Flore and Fauna, causing damage to the environment and how to be eco-friendly and environment friendly in their future life for achieving a balanced environment on the globe.