Student READY Programme

The term READY refers to “Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana”.

To reorient graduates of Forestry for ensuring and assuring employability and to develop entrepreneurs for emerging knowledge intensive forestry, the component envisages the introduction of the program in all forest colleges across India as an essential prerequisite for the award of degree to ensure hands on experience and practical training. Considering the variation in different streams of forestry education and feasibility, the high level Committee of ICAR proposed to include the following components, which are interactive and are conceptualized for building skills in project development and execution, decision-making, individual and team coordination, approach to problem solving, accounting, quality control, marketing and resolving conflicts, etc. with end to end approach in Student READY program.

  • Important components of Student READY programme are given as follows:

    1. Student READY Experiential Learning
    2. Experiential Learning helps the student to develop competence, capability, capacity building, acquiring skills, expertise, and confidence to start their own enterprise and turn job creators instead of job seekers. is embraces the earning while learning concept. Experiential Learning is a major step forward for high quality professional competence, practical work experience in real life situation to graduates, production oriented courses, production to consumption project working, facilitates producing job providers rather than job seekers and inculcates entrepreneurial orientation.

      Student READY Experiential Learning Module – I & II

      Any one of the modules to be taken up during V& VI semester:

      1. Production and Marketing of high value forest produce
      2. Raising Quality Planting Materials for forest regeneration
      3. Apiculture/Sericulture
      4. Ecotourism
      5. Wild Animal Health Management

      As a part of Student READY Programme under the module of Experiential Learning the following topics are to be offered during V and VI semesters

      Raising Quality Planting Materials for Forest Regeneration

      1. Propagation of herbal tea plants and standardization
      2. Macropropagation of Bamboos
      3. Raising of quality seedlings of forest tree species
      4. Propagation of mosquito and snake repellent plants
      5. Vegetative propagation of wild fruit trees of Telangana
      6. Propagation of dye yielding plants of Telangana
      7. Identification and Propagation of high APTI avenue species of Telangana
      8. Production and Marketing of high value forest produce

      9. Treatment of Bamboo and value addition
      10. Biofertilizer Production
      11. Mycorrhizal isolation and mass multiplication

    3. Student READY Forestry Work Experience
    4. Forest Work Experience

      is one of the major components of forestry education to facilitate the graduating person with practical knowledge to produce skilled forest managers so as to manage protect and conserve the forest resources in consonance with the National Forest Policy, 1988

      It is a practical oriented (120 days) training module as an essential degree requirement for BSc Forestry students

      It Provides first hand learning experience to the students on various aspects of forest range management, administration, wildlife management, ecosystem structure and functioning

    5. Student READY Project Work & Dissertation
    6. Student READY Project Work & Dissertation 10 weeks (0+10 credit hours) to be taken up during the VIII semester.

      This course shall provide the B.Sc. (Hons) Forestry students an understanding of the principles and procedures of the experimental design, layout, analysis and interpretation of data and technical writing. Each student shall work on a specific research project to be identified with the help of the supervising teacher. They shall also prepare and present a proposed plan of work (PPW) specifying the objectives and procedures of the study and present the same before an audience consisting of faculty and students. The research work will be conducted leading to the preparation of a project report in the format and style of M.Sc. thesis. Evaluation will be done based on the quality of work, quality of report and its presentation before an audience consisting of faculty and students.

      Brief Report on Student READY Programme