There is a growing need for continuous mentoring students in educational institutions in order to realise their potential by exposing them to future careers and groom their personality for a better future. Students face a variety of problems during the of their stay on the campus. The student mentoring is aimed at helping students to overcome their educational, personal and social adjustment problems. Realising this need, the Forest College and Research Institute has introduced the mentoring programme soon after its inception. The process of mentoring in the College is a part of the total educational experience of students. Students come from varied socio-economic and regional backgrounds. For effective mentoring, the mentor should have adequate background information on his mentee's. The mentor Record is meant to serve this purpose. Each student has his/her mentee maintained by the mentor. The information provided by the mentee in the mentor Record is kept confidential by the mentor. This helps the mentor to gain insight into his mentee's academic achievement and personality.


  • To promote proper study habits and skills, give proper direction to students' scholastic efforts and to motivate them to achieve excellence in their academic performance.
  • To promote proper academic and social environment in the college and hostel campuses.
  • To encourage and guide participation in various curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To stimulate good habits of hygiene and health. Encourage participation and healthy competition in sports and athletic events.
  • To promote proper adjustment to the problems of everyday living, around development of personality and to make students good citizens of the country.
  • To give guidance in matters related to scholarships, careers and in overcoming day to day problems in students' campus life.